What’s to say? The 3 lb., 3 oz. trigger pull (average of 10 tries) is as crisp as it sounds. The bold sights are easy to see and when I use my “good” glasses equipped with an old Merit Optical aperture system, I’m able to see a very clear sight picture. Groups at 25 yards seemed to favor around 1.50" but I was pleased by several chasing 1". There was a memorable one at 0.75" if I closed my eyes to the one “flyer” 0.5" away! Best groups were with Black Hills 230-grain ball but I had some excellent surprises using Armscor 230 ball too. It ate everything I put through it, including HP defensive ammo. The Emissary is a sterling shooter and makes anyone look better than they really are. Just watch that trigger press.

Call the Emissary a true “do-all” 1911. From home/personal defense, weekend competition, informal — or formal — target shooting, even small-game hunting, it’d handle it with aplomb. Keep in mind, as Mike Humphries told me, “The Emissary is still a production gun, despite its custom-style features. We gave it some really cool, custom-style upgrades you’d see from a small builder. But we’re able to do it with a production gun and commensurate pricing.” At $1,279, the performance, build quality and accuracy left me gob-smacked. If I’d handled this gun blindfolded I’d have guessed a $3,500 custom job.