Shooting Impressions

The manual recommends a 75 to 100 round break in period. I ran through a couple boxes of 2 3/4" Federal field loads and then switched over to 3" Remington No. 4 Buck (41 .24-caliber pellets at 1,225 fps) — a sensational coyote load and a sound home-defense choice. The pattern it delivered at 25 yards with the full choke tube installed was impressive!

The MKA 1923 fed, fired, extracted and ejected nicely with only one stove-pipe in the first 25 shells fired and there was one failure of the trigger to fully reset. Bullpups are a little bit noisier than conventional firearms because the muzzle is 10" or so closer to your ears but I otherwise enjoyed working with the gun. Recoil is straight back and fully controllable although I wish the Turks would add a soft, over-molded cheekpiece to the hard polymer stock.

Opening up the shipping box, you’ll find the MKA 1923, two 5-round magazines, detachable front and rear A2-type sights, three choke tubes (F, M, IC), a choke wrench, an interchangeable gas ring for “heavy loads” generating more than 1,300 fps, and the owner’s manual. The total package carries an MSRP of $769.

With its spacey lines, EAA’s MKA 1923 bullpup is an attention-grabber. I don’t think I’ll be carrying it into upland bird covers but it’s a sleeper of a home-defense gun.

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