While not an AR-style pistol, the DBX57 is fitted with a Mil-Spec AR-15 trigger, safety selector and Magpul MOE-K grip that can be swapped for standard aftermarket components, which should make any modern sporting rifle owner feel right at home.

Also familiar is the use of a left-side folding pistol brace, mounted via a Picatinny rail on the rear of the frame. A QD sling swivel is not included, though one can be added to the frame. When used, the extended brace adds 9.3" in length and 0.7 lbs. to the pistol.

The DBX57 ships with a 20-round FN/ProMag Five-seveN magazine, with future models accepting new Ruger-57 magazines. Unlike other new firearms to hit the market, shooters won’t have to wait to hit the range as magazines are readily available.