CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster


I wasn’t prepared to like the CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster. From the start it looks stiff, ungainly and is — frankly — a huge piece of leather, Kydex and spring steel. In fact, I’ve been known to derisively call it a “back brace” or something similar when confronted by rabid CrossBreed fans.

Those fans always said, “Just give it a try; wait until you break it in.” Sure, sure …

Then I tried one. After only a few day-long carries, I’ve seen the light. This is coming from a guy who wasn’t exactly sure how to put the darn thing on but now is quickly becoming a believer.

The huge expanse of leather really is comfortable even against bare skin and keeps the gun from gouging you, while the kydex and clips keep things both secure and concealed. To say I was surprised is an understatement.

I don’t plan on throwing away all my other holsters in favor of the CrossBreed SuperTuck, but I’d certainly suggest you likewise give it a try. Don’t be like me — wrong!

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