A Different Type of Data

John Lott at the Crime Prevention Research Center recently did an analysis of murder data for the City of Baltimore, which has produced an alarming annual body count lately.

Last year, 348 people were killed in the city — more than some entire states racked up in 2019.

According to Lott, “Clearly neither the victims nor perpetrators of murders are ‘normal’ people — both groups are overwhelmingly criminals.” That’s a pretty bold statement, but he backs it up, noting that 82% of murder victims in the city had criminal records and 67% had arrest records for drugs.

“Twenty-nine percent of victims were clearly known by the police to be members of ‘drug crews or gang’ members,” Lott added. “Forty-four percent had an arrest record for gun crimes.”

Bottom line: Lott says the average Baltimore homicide victim last year had 10.8 arrests, with 4.1 of those being drug offenses.

And here’s something equally alarming. Lott says only 31% of Baltimore murders result in an arrest.


Murder Data In Baltimore