Portability Is Key

I have found the app has taken fewer than 10 seconds to register the target, even when using multiple targets. The distance from the camera to the target, or the camera to the shooter really doesn’t make much difference. The software automatically scales the shooting range and is ready to operate. The app even has an offset feature for optics or variances in sight heights.

This system can be set up and used anywhere. In fact, some of my friends who are not associated with the firearms industry might be aghast over what I am doing in the next room while on my breaks.

A pull of the trigger registers a hit on the target. Shooters need to reset their guns to fire subsequent shots. The entire group is recorded and saved by the app, which can gauge the progress of the shooter. Since the Mantis X10 and the Mantis Laser Academy can be combined, users can get pretty good data on their shooting progress without ever expending precious cartridges.

The Mantis Laser Academy uses an app, and Mantis can add features as they design them. Most of the features come with the standard purchase, but premium features, including a timed holster draw, low-guard shooting and two-shooter dueling are worth the subscription.