Third Time A Charm?

The Third Generation of Colt single-action production began in 1976 and to my utter surprise at the 1982 NRA Convention in Philadelphia, Colt announced the .44-40 would again be offered as a caliber option. Right there on the spot in the Colt booth, I ordered one. When it arrived, at first glance I though Colt had personally insulted me and all the Colt single action lovers worldwide. They marked the left side of my new sixgun’s barrel .44-40! I wanted to pitch a fit but eventually calmed down and accepted the new marking.

However, about 1995 I forgave Colt. Once again they put the Colt Frontier Six Shooter roll stamp on .44-40s and, even better, put it on their misnamed “black powder frame” version. (This version has the cylinder retaining pin angling in from the front of the frame, instead of the spring loaded transverse latch that has been standard since the 1890s.) I bought a pair with 4-3/4" barrel lengths and had them fitted with ivory grips with my MLV initials scrimshawed in.