A new .45 ACP load from Federal is the Personal Defense Punch. The 230-grain JHP bullet has a skived jacket for penetration and expansion and leaves the muzzle of a 5” barrel at a reported 890 fps. Another .45 Auto entry from Federal Premium is the 230-gr. HST. This one is a +P load clocking 950 fps at the muzzle with 461 foot-pounds of energy.

Among my favorites is the Federal Hydra-Shok 230-grainer. This spoonful of nastiness leaves the muzzle at 900 fps with 414 foot-pounds of energy, and when it stops, something drops.

I’ve used the Sig Sauer 230-grain V-Crown JHP load and it’s consistently accurate out of my full size and Commander pistols. It clocks at an advertised 830 fps from the muzzle with 352 foot-pounds of energy.

Winchester offers a couple of solid choices with 230-gr. bonded JHPs, the Defender and its Train & Defend loads. The Defender load leaves the muzzle at an advertised 920 fps with 432 foot-pounds of energy, while the Train & Defend launches at 850 fps from the muzzle with 369 foot-pounds of punch.

Remington’s selections include the 230-grain Ultimate Defense load moving out of the barrel at 875 fps with 391 foot-pounds of energy. There’s a Golden Saber bonded 230-grain JHP with identical ballistics also available.

From Hornady, there’s a 230-gr. +P XTP load delivering an impressive 950 fps at the muzzle with 461 foot-pounds of energy.