Spartan Blades

Knives have advanced over the years, with some interesting designs as functional as they are eye-catching. One outfit carving out a niche (no pun intended) in the knife arena is Spartan Blades. I was recently perusing their line of folders and fixed-blade models observing not only craftsmanship but an eye for practicality and simplicity.

I was especially impressed with this company’s series of fixed-blade models. My dad probably wouldn’t leave any of them sticking in a log. There was one called the Machai with a 6.625” made from 1095 Cro-Van steel and a reported blade hardness of 59-60 HRC. It’s got a recurve blade design with a flat grind edge that would be welcome in my hunting camp anytime.

The blade is 3/16” thick and the handle material is CE Canvas Micarta so it’s not going to slide around in the hand when in use. It’s got a full tang handle, for strength.

The heart of any good knife is the blade steel. It will be hard but not brittle and above all, it will take an edge and keep it.