Killer Innovation

To attack their prey, wolves are armed with a killer instinct. Similarly, Benelli knew it needed to innovate to attack the existing rifle market and loaded the LUPO with features that lead to seven new patents.

The innovation begins at the end with the rifle’s stock. While its black synthetic makeup is hardly new, the butt makes use of Benelli’s Progressive Comfort System, modified from their shotguns to absorb recoil and decrease muzzle flip. The stock also features a Combtech cheek pad (optional raised and extra-high pads available) to further mitigate felt recoil. While these features may not be important to you, they are to people like me who are sensitive to recoil.

The stock also features shims to adjust drop, cast and length of pull for a custom fit, rounded AirTouch grip texturing and an integrated swivel mount that pairs with two in the front forend.