Armscor VRF14

Smooth and Sleek Defense Shotgun

Sleek, smooth, and compact. If you’re looking to defend your car, house, or person, the one-handed Armscor VRF14 from Rock Island Armory provides shotgun-stopping power in a pistol configuration. Though it fires 12-gauge shells, this semi-automatic firearm in ways more closely resembles a pistol and is classified as a non-Class 3/NFA “firearm.” The VRF14 has a 14” barrel and an overall length just over 26.” The VRF14 weighs 6.6 pounds, is finished in black cerakote and has an innovative bufferbolt system. Designed for home defense and fun plinking, full rails on the top and bottom and half rail on each side of the forend allow for accessory additions and customization. The firearm comes equipped with a sling, VR grip, and flip up sights. It also comes with a 5-round magazine but is also compatible with the 9 and 19 round VR series of 12-gauge magazines. The 3” chamber accepts both 2 ¾” and 3” Magnum loads, and packs quite a punch. MSRP: $599

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