Bobcat On The Prowl

Living in a semi-suburban/rural area in the foothills — shall we say, the base of the Cascade Range — affords this correspondent an occasional encounter with wildlife.

We know of one pretty good-sized black bear in the vicinity, and occasionally coyotes wander through the pasture and across the road. Spring and summer bring out the local elk herd with their fresh crop of calves.

But a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor posted on social media about a fairly good-sized bobcat wandering around her house not far from my place. That got quick attention, so out came my vintage 4-inch Colt Diamondback and a handful of carefully measured handloads charged with a potent — but well within the standard pressure limit — dose of HP-38 pushing a 125-grain JHP bullet.

Nobody in the neighborhood is afraid of a bobcat, but on the other hand, that proverbial ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. The likelihood of a problem with this predator or any wild critter is pretty small... until it’s not.