Sights — If You Want Them

There are square-picture sights, about 2.25" apart, on top of the grip frame. Considering the firing system, they can be ignored. Or, carefully taken off by using a brand-new file. Really, this is essentially a point-and-shoot-pistol.

Even with ordinary full-jacket 9mm, the lightweight gun has pronounced felt-recoil. I protected my ancient hand-bones with Grip Swell gloves. Will the ALTOR pistol keep five shots in the 8" black of a 100-yard sight-in target? Yes, but the distance was about 15 feet but the size of the black circle corresponds with center-of-mass on a combat target.

And, as they say, you won’t notice the sharp recoil in a serious social situation. Actually, with the barrel unit being the heaviest thing, there’s not much muzzle flip. Most of the force is straight back. After a few shots, you learn the best way to let the finger slip off the trigger without disturbing the aim.