Alphawolf Pistol-Caliber Carbine

Black Rifle Beauty, .45 ACP Beast!

Alphawolf Rifle

Will’s 16″ test specimen features a lot of “rail-estate” for mounting accessories. The muzzle is also threaded for a suppressor!

Alphawolf Pistol

The oddball combo of a Vortex AMG UH-1 and an EOTech G33 magnifier isn’t cheap but really optimizes the capabilities of this radical new carbine.

Something Borrowed, Something New

The layout is classic black rifle, with a twist. The receivers are both proprietary and designed specifically for this application. The magazine release is in the expected spot but remains a bit easier to manage with the trigger finger than a traditional AR. The bolt locks to the rear on the last round fired. The rigid charging handle protrudes to the left and reciprocates with the bolt. There isn’t a manual bolt release. You give the charging handle a quick snatch to the rear to drop the bolt over a fresh mag.

The gas-piston design of the carbine exercises any unpleasantness when launching those big fat rounds. The bolt moves like greased glass and recoil is ridiculously pleasant. The guts of the gun stay clean and the overall shooting experience is positively recreational. The manual of arms is familiar, and the experience is markedly more pleasant than a high-velocity rifle-caliber platform.

The gun feeds from standard GLOCK .45 ACP magazines and comes with a 13-rounder though 27-round versions are available as aftermarket accessories. The mags drop free cleanly when you stroke the magazine release.

The M-Lok-compatible hand guard stretches all the way out to the muzzle to give you plenty of space to grab and mount stuff. Barrels come in either 10″ or 16″ versions, both of which are threaded for a suppressor. The standard AR fire control group will feel familiar to anyone who has run a black rifle and the overall weight is a paltry 6.4 lbs. The collapsible stock sports everything you might need but since the buffer tube is milspec, you can still fit it out with any manner of aftermarket stock should you wish.


The rigid charging handle mounts on the left side of the receiver and reciprocates with the bolt.

Alphawolf Pistol

The magazine release lives in a familiar spot but is easier to access than a traditional black rifle.

Rounds Downrange

This gun just thumps on the range. My test gun — a 16″ barreled version — was an eye-opener. I topped it off with a Vortex AMG UH-1 holographic sight along with an EOTech 3X G33 pivoting magnifier. Neither of those puppies was cheap but they sure maximize the efficiency of the AlphaWolf PCC. I mean, my groups were tight.

There was a single failure to eject using super-lightweight (114-grain) Inceptor ARX polymer rounds but otherwise the AlphaWolf reliably gobbles up any sort of conventional ammo like a starving animal.

From a simple rest at 25 meters, the gun produced headshots until I got bored and switched to steel at 70 meters. The gun stays flat under recoil and will make you weep over the high price of ammunition. If I had a little food, some water, and a truckload of ammo I could shoot this thing for weeks without tiring of it.

Where the AlphaWolf PCC really comes into its own is moving at speed. The gun is as lightweight as a stripped-down M16A1 and runs just as fast. You acclimate to the eccentricities of the rigid charging handle in the first three minutes on the range then the AlphaWolf swings naturally while double taps flow forth like music.

Alphawolf Pistol

Head shot, perhaps? At 25 meters from a simple rest, the carbine put all the bullets into a pocket watch-sized group.

Suitable Employment

So what’s the proper application for such a firearm? For moving around the house in the dead of night after you hear glass breaking downstairs, few guns are more maneuverable. Most of us rely on handguns for this chore but a conventional handgun is the toughest sort of firearm to use in a crisis. The AlphaWolf PCC is just long enough to help you retain positive muzzle control while remaining sufficiently stubby as to not get caught on stuff.

If you have to shoot someone, you’ll drop two or three rounds on target in less time than it takes to describe. Equip your AlphaWolf with an extended 27-round magazine and the Bad Guys will inevitably run out of enthusiasm before you run out of ammo.

Tuck the carbine behind the seat in your pickup or in the trunk of your car and then embrace the suck like an old friend. It is the exceptional anarchist who would try to steal your car, attack your family or take your stuff with the AlphaWolf PCC crammed in his face.

The AlphaWolf Pistol Caliber Carbine is a fresh new take on the thorny question of personal defense in an urban setting. Sweet shooting, accurate, reliable, and cool, this new gun combines .45 ACP horsepower with rifle-like accuracy. The end result is an altogether different sort of animal.

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