6 Titles to Read
During Quarantine

From GUNS & American Handgunner

As Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, spreads across the country, gatherings of large groups have been banned, forcing restaurants, stores, stadiums and businesses to close and people inside. As the world enters quarantine, we have the content to keep you busy and entertained with Special Edition issues from GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner.

Survive: Personal Defense

While we wait for the zombie apocalypse, other realistic emergencies threaten our way of life. American Handgunner‘s Survive: Personal Defense Special Edition provides practical tips for urban and wilderness survival, as well as offers advice on necessary gear, including firearms, knives, bags, firestarters and more.

Features include…

10 Tips for Urban Survival: Increase Your Situational Awareness

— Road Warrior Gear: Vehicle Survival Kits

— Stop the Bleeding: Life-Saving Tourniquets

Get Survive: Digital PDF – Free | Print Issue – $12.95

Old West: History, Guns & Gear

If you grew up watching Hollywood Westerns or think Holliday before medical professional when hearing “Doc,” GUNS Magazine‘s Old West: History, Guns & Gear Special Edition is for you! The Western-themed magazine examines the history of popular cowboy wheelguns and leverguns, reviews modern replicas, revisits classic articles from our archives and more.

Features include…

— Historical Elegance: Doug Turnbull Restoration

— Are They Any Good? Real vs. Replica Guns of the West

— Birth of the Bisley: History of the Shootable Sixgun

Get Old West: Digital PDF – $4.50 | Print Issue – $12.95

Concealed Carry

Whether you’ve been carrying for decades or are looking to step out with a concealed weapon for the first time, American Handgunner‘s Concealed Carry Special Edition has the information you need on the latest carry guns, holsters, ammunition and accessories, plus expert advice on everyday carry, self-defense training and more.

Features include…

— Venomous 9mm: TMT Tactical’s Custom Mossberg MC1sc

— Holsters, Shucks & Gun Buckets: Top Holsters for CCW

— Honed Reflexes: Red Dots for Carry Guns

Get Concealed Carry: Digital PDF – $4.50 | Print Issue – $12.95

Surplus: Vintage & Classic Firearms

Every gun tells a story, but few have the musings of vintage and classic firearms. From sixguns of the Civil War to light machine guns of WWII, GUNS Magazine‘s Surplus Special Editions — Volumes 82 and 83 — seek to tell the stories of American and foreign battle-tested firearms through historical context, modern understanding and reminiscent wonder.

Features include…

— Ultimate Trench Warrior: Springfield M1903 Rifle

— Back to the Beginning: Brownell’s Recreates a Combat Classic

— Heavy Metal: Legal Tank-Busting Tools

Get Surplus, Vol. 82: Digital PDF – $4.50 | Print Issue – $12.95

Get Surplus, Vol. 83: Digital PDF – $4.50 | Print Issue – $12.95

DIY Guns

You don’t have to be a Master gunsmith or ballistician to do-it-yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to clean, customize or build your own firearms, reload your own ammunition or build your own machine shop, American Handgunner’s DIY Guns Special Edition is your guide, filled with expert tips and tools for gun enthusiasts of any skill level.

Features include…

— The Lee Loader: Learn How to Reload

— Coming to Grips: How to Stipple Your Polymer Pistol

— I Made it Myself: Handmade Holsters

Get DIY Guns: Digital PDF – $4.50 | Print Issue – $12.95

Book of the .45 Caliber

From .45 Colt to .460 Rowland, the .45 caliber has been a venerable cartridge in American history for over a century. Filling more than 380 colored pages, John Taffin’s Book of the .45 Caliber deep-dives into cartridge history and looks at firearms from classic/replica sixguns to modern semi-autos in what is a must-read for any big-bore pistolero.

Chapters include…

— Cartridges: .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .45-70 Gov’t

— Sixguns: Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, Smith & Wesson Hand Ejectors

— Long Guns: Marlin 1895, Winchester 1896, replica Colt leverguns

Get Book of the .45 Caliber: Hardcover – $58.49

GUNS Magazine Podcast

Finished reading? Listen to over 10 hours of entertaining content on the GUNS Magazine Podcast. Hosted by GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat, America’s oldest newsstand guns publication brings you interviews with interesting people in the industry, plus relevant conversations with American Handgunner‘s Roy Huntington and Tom McHale, every Friday.

Episodes include…

— Interviews with Clint Smith, Jerry Miculek & Massad Ayoob

— Quick Hits on snubbie revolvers, church security and summer carry

— Industry veterans from Mossberg, Ed Brown & Savage Arms

Listen to Podcast: Interviews | Quick Hits