Diamondhead USA D-45

Diamondhead USA

For years, short, light, unmagnified optics—mostly reflexes and red dots—ruled the rails of AR-platform rifles. But now there are dozens of variable-power scopes designed specifically to ride the 12 o’clock rail and provide both speed and precision from close quarters to “out past Fort Mudge.” Regardless how hardy your optic is, it’s always smart to have backup iron sights (BUIS) on-board and on-call instantly.

That was no problem with the shorty optics—standard iron sights worked fine. But the new variable-power scopes, averaging a foot long and extending to the rear of the receiver, squeezed standard iron sights out of that limited 12 o’clock “rail estate.” An obvious answer was angled off-set iron sights. But they created their own nasty problem, snagging on hands, arms, clothing and foliage. The D-45 Off-Set Integrated Sighting System is a compact, high-quality cure.

D-45’s fold neatly on the rail and since they stand only 1/2-inch tall when folded, they can actually fit under your scope. Look closely at the photo on the left and you’ll see the D-45 rear sight tucked under that Optisan Mamba 1-4×24 scope, and at right, deployed. D-45’s unfold on two axes, springing out to the side and up at the touch of a lever. If your optic goes down, just hit the levers, roll your rifle to the left and engage! Deployed, D-45’s even duplicate the same height-over-bore of standard iron sights, and they hold zero like a vise.

I’m always doubtful about crankin’ complexity into design, but the D-45’s are a rare case of an innovative design executed flawlessly, offering strength and reliability. You get the tremendous speed and precision of Diamondhead’s unique sighting geometry, rendered in 6061 T-6 aluminum, mil-spec hard coat anodized and covered by a lifetime warranty. List price is $298 for the set.
By John Connor

Diamondhead USA
622 Union St.
West Springfield, MA 01089
(413) 739-6970

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