Day Or Night

Taurus 24/7 G2 .40 S&W Delivers.

Taurus is one of the truly remarkable success stories in the firearms industry. I’m not sure when they changed from being a follower to a leader but for me the realization came more than 15 years ago with their introduction of the Raging Bull series of big-bore revolvers. Since that time, Taurus has been both innovative and aggressive and shooters have benefited. A perfect example of the path Taurus is following can be seen in their newest semi-automatic pistol. I should say pistols as their PT 24/7 G2 is not simply available in one or two variations, but would you believe 24 choices await us with this one basic model? This includes eight versions each in three chamberings: 9mm, .45 ACP, and the test model before us, in .40 S&W. Taurus obviously does not know how to do things in a small way.

When the .40 S&W arrived two decades ago two of my very good friends, well known in the industry, dubbed it “short & weak.” Since that time it has proven itself to be a serious self-defense and law enforcement cartridge and is the official chambering of many departments. Ballistically speaking, the .40 S&W is a dead ringer for the old .38-40 cartridge from frontier days. A 180-grain bullet at 1,000 fps was serious from a Colt Single Action in the 1880s and it is certainly still serious today from a semi-automatic pistol. Add in the fact the Colt only carried five rounds while the Taurus 24/7 G2 has a carrying capacity more than three times that amount as well as being easily backed up by an extra magazine or two. Two extra magazines are certainly much easier to carry than a cartridge belt full of rounds.

The Colt along with a period holster and belt may look more romantic, but romantic is not what is needed in a serious situation. I have two Colt Single Actions with 4-3/4″ barrels chambered in .38-40. One is 100-years old with a well-worn finish and pearl grips while the other is of more recent manufacture, fully engraved with ivory stocks. They are both beautiful, soul-stirring sixguns and I look oh so good packing them while at the same time connecting with the past. But you can bet if I was expecting trouble it would not be the .38-40 single actions I would choose. There would be no hesitation and even though it lacks engraving and ivory grips the Taurus would be riding under my jacket; so much for “short & weak.”
Story By: John Taffin
Photos By: Joseph R. Novelozo

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2 thoughts on “Day Or Night

  1. Travis Fletcher

    Yes! Finally. I never thought I would get someone to agree with me! They are not the company the used to be. They have become a big name is the shooting industry. They strive to get you something nobody else offers. For example the Judge.

    I saw their .380 revolver they are coming out with and I cant wait to get my hands on it again. It felt so good. It is something I have been waiting for.

    They are a big name is the business to me. I hope people start changing their opinions about them. With a lifetime warranty you cant go wrong.

    1. sheb schebella

      When a company like Taurus has integrations through the years with companies such as Smith & Wesson, Beretta and Rossi it is inevitable that they will eventually become big players in a big game. As far as I am concerned many of their weapons have been underrated for years based primarily on false consumer mythology.


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