.22 Case Length

In the May issue of GUNS Magazine there is an article on pp. 47–48 regarding .22 Ammo by David Freeman that has a discrepancy. Mr. Freeman states, “The J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company extended the case of the .22 long and added a 40-gr. bullet to produce the .22 Long Rifle, commonly called LR.” The .22 Long and the .22 Long Rifle have the same case, but a longer bullet is what makes the .22 LR. I enjoyed the article, but just wanted to correct a discrepancy.

Thanks for putting out a great magazine. Best on the market!
Dick Berkey

Yep, we whiffed — the cases are the same length. David might have been thinking of the .25 Stevens Short and Long when he wrote the line and I missed it during proofreading. There are also many sources who claim UMC actually introduced the round, but my research was inconclusive so we went with Stevens. —BW