Not A Korth Fan

I just read the article on the Korth .44 mag revolver. It is a fine-looking piece but there are a number of revolvers on the market capable of launching .44 bullets at Magnum velocities. Why is this one a dinosaur slayer? This Korth is no different than the others. The price is $5,300 dollars, really? Only about 10% of the population could afford one. I’m sorry but I can’t justify paying that kind of money.

Mike Franklin
One big goal here is to keep things interesting and you gotta’ admit the Korth is an interesting piece of hardware. The dinosaur theme came from my wife — when I opened the box with the revolver before sending it on to Dr. Dabbs, she commented, “What the heck is that thing for?” I replied, “It’s for hunting dinosaurs.…” She seemed satisfied so I told Will the story and the rest is literary history. —BW

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