Crossfire August 2020


Maybe Cocktail Hour Started Early?

In Wayne Van Zwoll’s “Optics” column in the June 2020 issue, on page 14 it says to push the scope rearward in a Weaver or Picatinny mount (when mounting). Every instruction I have for Weaver or Picatinny rings and mounts says to push the scope forward, not rearward. After all, the rifle will recoil rearward, pushing the scope along with it. Thus the contact from the scope mount will be on the front face of the ring lug, so pushing the scope forward will eliminate any gap between the ring and mount. Correct or no?
Jeff Braun

After some head-scratching research, I owe Wayne an apology. In the manuscript he correctly noted the scope should be tugged forward but at some point during our production process I made a note changing it to “rearward.” I have no idea what I was thinking at the time but it was solely my mistake. Thanks Jeff for bringing it to my attention. —BW

Garbers Doppelganger

I was reading the May edition of GUNS and got to the Wild Bunch article. When I looked at the picture of Alan Garbers I was stunned. Alan and my brother David are identical twins! My first thought was how did David’s picture end up here? Sadly, my brother died about a year and a half ago from MS. The picture brought back a lot of good memories of us shooting together. David was an accomplished shooter and particularly loved pin shooting. He attended the Second Chance shoot once and won a 1911 pistol. He was preparing to do cowboy style shooting when he became ill. Just wanted you and your staff to know your work goes farther than just sharing info, sometimes it touches the heart.
Michael Sifers

I’m glad my photo brought back fond memories of your brother, David, and I’m saddened he has passed. We sound identical in more than just looks. I too love bowling pin shoots. It has been awhile since my last shoot, but I used to get so excited my hands would start shaking in anticipation. I am sure David would have loved Cowboy Action Shooting and I urge you to try it in his memory. You won’t regret it. —Alan “Cholla” Garbers

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