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Letters To GUNS

Thank you all for writing regarding whether or not GUNS should cover military news in the news section at the back of the book.

I’ve read every letter, both e-mailed and snail mailed, but following are only the e-mailed letters. I just don’t have the time to keystroke in the snail mail. Just so you know, the post ran 7 to 1 in favor of keeping the Military news, which is a little higher than the e-mail ratio.

Below is the letters as they came. I began editing them, but as the mail mounted, I just plum had to do other things.

The mail is separated between Keep and Stop and you’re welcome to read both or either. Thanks again to all who participated. —Jeff John

I am a USAF Vietnam combat veteran. My mother and father were both WWII Navy veterans. My mother’s father was a sea captain during WWI and WWII. My father’s father was in the Army during WWI. His great-grandfather was a Union soldier during the War Between the States.

Our oldest son, who didn’t listen to his father, joined the USAF just before 9/11 and is a pilot on his 4th deployment to Iraq . He is not my only relative over there now.

I have friends, Vietnam veterans all, with sons and daughters currently on deployment to Iraq or between deployments. I have neighbors, friends and associates who themselves have deployed, or who have watched their children and other relatives deploy. Some were at Ft. Hood last week.

I now know something of how my parents felt seeing me go to Vietnam. The news was longer delayed and far less reliable then, cell phones didn’t exist and we had no internet.

I say to you: report. Show us especially the humble, strong, accomplished men and women who receive awards and decorations for doing things those who have not “been there” really can’t appreciate. As you say, these stories show up rarely in the regular media. When I was in Vietnam, the media was only too happy to report some miss-step by U.S. forces, and would minimize the cheap pieces of tin awarded us for losing, or nearly losing our lives. Our son and his unit have flown amazing missions in “The Dessert.” The pictures he brings home stun us.

The pictures and stories you print should stun us.

Keep ‘em comin’.
Jan Gerstner
Delafield WI

I don’t know why Mr. Linderwell and others are opposed to your military news articles. Having served two tour to Iraq, I thoroughly enjoy them as they are positive and informing. These articles will never be seen in Stars and Stripes or any other military magazine. I certainly haven’t seen them. I’m not particularly interested in knives, but I’d never suggest removing articles on them. If someone doesn’t like an article, they don’t have to read it.

Keep including the military articles!
Hiram Patterson
Dallas, TX

I for one dissagree with Leon Linderwell’s letter about not wanting military news in your fine magazine. I too am a vet and my son is on his second tour of duty in Iraq and he and his buddies enjoy all the articles from the gun books we send them! Please keep it up.

Butch Goben
Purdy Iowa

Keep up the good work. My personal opinion is keep the military news coming. As a vet I can tell you this type of news lets us know we are not forgotten. Remember, many military personnel are also subscribers. These articles also keep us old farts up on the new equipment designed to keep our military ALIVE.

Grant Christiansen

Keep the military news coming. The amount you are reporting is about right—if I wanted more, I too would subscribe to a military newspaper. But it is good to have a source of good (pro) military news we can count on.

Ron Stinson

Please keep the military news in your fine magazine. The liberal press will not report anything positive about them. Please keep up the great work. Also, on Black Guns, I don’t own one, but why shouldn’t they be covered? The cartridge is inadequate for our military, but the guns are OK.
Beware of “shooters” who spout the liberal lies!

Bill Sullivan

Please don’t stop the Military News articles in the Guns magazine!!!!!! I enjoy reading good press about our armed forces, as I don’t see enough of these types of “good” articles out there. I appreciate you and your magazine’s willingness to publish these, and hope you will continue printing the articles.

As to the views expressed by Mr. Linderwell, it causes me to shake my head. People are always complaining about something, whether it is violence on TV, ads that are inappropriate, “bad” video games, or similar issues. Those folks want someone else to “protect” them, and lack the ability to turn the TV off, or turn off the computer, or to turn the page. No one is forcing them to read the articles, no one is forcing them to watch TV, no one is forcing them to buy and play videos games. I wish folks would use the off button more, and just turn the page if an article doesn’t interest them.

So please continue your articles, I look forward to reading them each month. And THANK YOU to all Veterans (current and past).

Ryan Wood

I have to agree with you at Guns that the mainstream news do not talk about the good things that the military do in the war, or even what we are doing there. They make it a point to only talk about the problems that are in every war, not just this war in the Middle East

Derek Feeley

I am writing in response to Mr. Linderwell’s letter regarding the military news stories in your magazine. First, I would like to humbly thank Mr. Linerwell for his service in the US Army in Vietnam. Vietnam veterans are profoundly underappreciated, in my opinion, and that is a sad commentary on the recent history of our nation.

All that being said, I must strongly disagree with Mr. Linderwell’s sentiment regarding the military news coverage. There ARE other venues for obtaining that news segment, and perhaps even better. But I like the variety of the news in the Views, News, and Reviews. I would implore you to continue to print new stories of our troops, as well as our allies’ troops, in the current wars we are fighting.
Very Respectfully,

Evin Beck

Before I read any of the articles scribbled by your so-called writers, I turn to news of our armed forces. Your magazine is the only civilian periodical I know of that provides vignettes of what our armed services are doing in the field. I can’t count on the local daily rag to carry stories about our fine young men and women, not even when it involves reports involving truly heroic actions. I wrote to the editor and complained and his reply was (paraphrased), “Yeah, you’re right, tough.” So keep up the good work. As for Venturino and his fooling around with .30 carbine pistols—this is the third or fourth time I have seen an article by him about that subject. Somehow, it seems like way more times than just three or four. Duke, move on. Do something else. Jeff, if Duke can’t move on, move him on.

All comments set forth above do not apply to John Conner. Every gun magazine needs a writer like him.

C. E. Voigtsberger
Ventura CA

There are a number of features that I don’t read – at least not the first time through Guns Magazine, but I am glad they are there. I don’t own an AR, for example, so I only read Up on ARs when I am out of other reading material and the new issue of Guns hasn’t arrived. I usually only give the military news a cursory glance. However, it is the only place I ever see good news about this “War on Terror” we are engaged in. I have referred to a few of the articles when talking to my parents, who are from WW II and Korean eras and believe everything NBC tells them. I think GUNS Magazine is a good and proper venue for these articles and sincerely hope you don’t discontinue them.

Scott Morris
Washington State

I read Gun magazine because of them, what they give and if know one tells us about these men and their own personal sacrifices who will. I for one love every story and wish I was there with them serving our country. HooRAH.

CJ Thompson

I just read something absurd in your magiazine this morning and had to write. I can’t believe people are asking you to remove the news on soldiers and articles on the war. In a society sickenly worshipping celebrities and with only about 10% of the news probably being the truth anyways, these some of the only real glimpses of these heros that we ever see. Besides, the arcticle are an extremely small percentage of the magazine and are shoved in the back with continuation pages and ads. I guess you might as well remove your articles on knives, flashlights, and other gear since those are guns either. I guess half of John Conner’s articles should go too (don’t even think about it). Here’s a novel idea, how about peeople skipping them if they are such a waste of their time.

J. Bose

Please continue to publish stories about the military and our heroes. Don’t let a few clowns spoil what I consider to be excellent choices for stories for Guns Magazine.
Wayne Orebaugh
I’m a subscriber to your fine magazine. I thought I’d throw in my vote on the military coverage…
I’m all for it.

Paul Short

I just got through reading some of the January on line issue while waiting for my subscription issue to come in the mail. In the crossfire section the first thing I saw was someone complaining about the military news section. While I am not a veteran, I hold the military in the highest regard. With todays media not coming even close to reporting what happens with our troops let alone lawful protests on taxation and other rights the congress thinks they can steal from us. I applaud your magazine for putting in some of the things that our service men and women are doing to protect the freedoms that too many take for granted. Don’t take it away keep let us and the troops know that we support them even if the media doesn’t.

Terry Gardner RN.

Please DO NOT stop Military News.Being retired military, I enjoy reading your Mlitary News .  I joined the USNR in 1963 and served on Submarines during the Vietnam war, then transfered to the Army.

The Liberal media caused us to lose that mess over there and ended up causing the death of millions of people in South East Asia.

They are doing the same thing again and it is a few of you in the media that are trying to do the RIGHT THING. I for one am glad that your magazine is doing the right thing, keep up the good work.

SFC William Quade
(USAR Retired )

Dear Sir:

I think you should keep the Military News in your magazine. Sure one can get a special magazines about the armed forces, as mentioned in the last issue of your magazine, and you can get the latest information via the web, like I do. But just how many of those that read your magazine have any idea about theses sources of information. All they know is what the news media shows them (which was not good during Nam nor now). Since there are articles about young kids shooting and hunting in your magazine I would hope they would read about the positive aspects of the military. Just maybe, it will give them some decent values vs. the values they have today.

Yes I too am an oldie of the 60’s and one of the ones that joined up, not drafted. Even today, when people see my patch “One Shot One Kill”, they look down on me, and still call me a killer. Just how do these people think a war can be won, “flowers and thumping the bible”? The men and women that have there life on the line right now, need a country that is behind them not like it was in the days of Nam. They need to know that there is some one over here that does write about them in a positive manner and cares about them.

Sincerely Yours:
Jake Trexel
Former Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. John…Just finished reading the January 2010 issue and in particular Mr. Linderwell’s whine about the war and howitzer’s, etc.
Just wanted to say: I am a retired Naval Special Warfare member and might suggest that not only should stories involving our U.S. Heroes stay, but I further suggest it be a monthly article on a different service/unit each month outlining the weapons and equipment that keep us free. I further suggest that the November 2010 issue be dedicated to our armed forces and the personal weapons/equipment used.
God Bless our Country God Bless those who keep it free.

M.R. King
Greeley, CO

Dear Mr. John,
Reference your question in the January 2010 issue, keep the military news in Guns. They’re fighting for us.

John P. Ashjian
San Antonio, Texas

How can Leon Linderwell have great respect for our men and women in uniform and censor them out of view? He probably is in favor of censoring God out of view also. out of sight and out of mind? I also am a veteran having served from the end of Korea through the end of Viet Nam. I have watched the main stream media ignore the contribution of our military members while uplifting the whiners an dissidents of America, and I applaud you for featuring the military in your fine magazine. If that were the only news you published I would still be a subscriber.
BTW Black guns. If they are good enough for Palen – they are good enough for me.

Glenn Michaelis
Veteran, subscriber, and proud American
Lincoln, IL

I don’t like to shout but, KEEP IT UP!!!! I may sometimes be saddened by the stories or frustrated but I want to hear about our men and women on the sharp point and those aiding them.

David W. Loeffler

I was just reading “Stop Military News?” in the January 2010 Crossfire, and while not amazed, I am filled with anger. All Americans should have an expressed interest in the well being of our men & women who are serving this country and us. We all should be doing what we can to be assured that the men & women of our armed services have the appropriate equipment to do the job we sent them to do. Knowing full well by actually speaking to those who are serving, they want to finish the job we made them start. I want these articles to continue, I want to be informed from anywhere and everywhere about our men & women. From the Howitzer to the acts of bravery, courage, kindness, victories and defeats. If some reader doesn’t like these articles, let them turn the page to the ones they do. I want to help the men and women in our armed forces to finish the job and come home. I consider it our duty!

Andy Zafiropoulos
Erie, Pennsylvani

Mr. Linderwell must be a commi…er….democrat! Most definitely keep doing the military stories! As you pointed out, the mainstream media sure doesn’t give our guys the credit they deserve. If Mr. Linderwell doesn’t want to read about them (or at least read something truthful for a change), he should stick with his local newspaper.
For those of you who do support our troops – donate a phone card or two to the USO so a soldier can call home on Christmas!

Lee French
Medford, OR

Since this is the first time writing to a gun magazine, I guess writing to the best in the industry would be a good start. In response to Mr. Linderwell’s letter regarding Military News in GUNS Magazine, I for one appreciate it. Since I was not fortunate enough to be able to serve after having received permanent injuries in a car accident 23 years ago, which also cost me a police job, I don’t subscribe or really read military magazines. As an avid shooter though, I like knowing what’s going on with our troops and their equipment. Also, several friends of mine are now deployed in the Middle East and sometimes the only magazines they get is GUNS or American Handgunner. Maybe they would like to read what’s going on in their neck of the woods too? I don’t particularly like the AR system of weapons but I for one would not be the one to tell you to stop as there are millions of Americans who like AR’s. God bless our Troops, Mr. Linderwell and all of you at GUNS and American Handgunner. Your magazines are the BEST!

Your’s very truly,
Ralph A. LaTorre

I would continue the military news for several good reasons: 1) The servicemen, who are fighting for all of us, read these stories and must feel good about seeing them SOMEWHERE in print. 2) I, and others I have asked, enjoy reading of our serviceman’s heroic and self sacrificing exploits with the firearms and rounds about which you evaluate. 3) I truly question the motives of those who would close down this window to the life and accomplishments of our troops…Remember, Kerry was also in the military, but his socialist antigun agenda is well known. …..Do what is “right” and leave the window to our heroes open, especially as the mainstream media seems to actively hide this.

Frank D’Elia
Chadds Ford, PA

Please continue to report the military news. I enjoy those updates and like you said, you don’t see this news elsewhere.

Rob Fincher
Bishop, GA

like you sir, i don’t think the military gets a fair shake with the mainstream media. the only good news or any updates we hear are what comes through you. as a daughter-in-law to a late naval officer, please do not stop the news. i realize others may get tired of it, but i thoroughly enjoy it. thank you for your time and patience with my note. sincerely

Robin Kerby
Inman, SC

Put me down as being in support of keeping the Military News articles in your magazine. As a retired Marine, I have access to articles in professional venues, but the articles that you print are generally about people, and that is something that is quite often missing in the other magazines.

Larry Kennedy
Pinedale, AZ

Keep military news in the magazine. The “mainstream” media does not report on the heroisim of our troops or that of our Allies. As a veteran of the SouthEast Asia Wargames I know first hand what is is to be ignored or demonized and villified. To the whiners and non-hackers who find this news offensive all I can say is *&#% Off!

Van C. Pacey
CPL USMC 1965-1968

I think that you should keep articles about battlefield heroes in your magazine. You are right in assuming that not a lot is in the mainstream press about these gallant men and women. In addition, many of the weapons developed by the military are later available for civilian use or vise versa. This is a good way to learn about upcoming weapons, in addition to getting our military some attention that they deserve. Another point, if you do not like the article, just like on TV, you do not have to read it. I thank you for the your great publication and continue the good work, especially with our military

Peter Dittoe

Regarding Mr. Linderwell’s letter (January 2010) I have to say I cannot agree with him about the coverage given by Guns Magazine of our service men and women on the front lines. I do not believe it is possible to give these fine people too much attention, gratitude or respect. Please keep the articles about them and the tools they use to protect our freedoms, I look forward to reading each one of them. Also, while Mr. Linderwell may not wish to read about Howitzers, no one can deny that even though it would be difficult to conceal, as a personal defense weapon it would get the job done!

Bill Lewis
Everton, MO


Since you asked….it would be my opinion that you should eliminate or at least significantly reduce the “military news”. I too have the utmost respect for those who serve in our military and am not afraid of doing things to support them. But not having been in the military myself the stories just don’t resonate with me and I don’t feel that by reading them I am providing any support…not sure by publishing them you really are either. I read EVERY page of EVERY issue of Guns and Handgunner…even the ads…cover to cover. For a while I read the military news I guess more out of respect and sense of support. I recently have started skipping over them as I get little to nothing out of them. I feel the space would be better allocated to any of your excellent writers….who on occasion finish a column indicating they have more to say but are out of space. Keep up the great publication…best in the biz….and please take my input with the respect and constructive approach intended.

longtime subscriber who just re-upped for another 3 years.

You asked, so I will answer. Yes, please drop the military news. It is your magazine, and I can and do skip those pages, but you did ask readers’ opinions.

I recently reconsidered my subscription because I was tired of the uniform-worship in those pages. There are plenty of other places where such things can be read by those who are interested.
Please stick with the gun reviews and news from a non-government point of view. There is no need to glorify the enemy. There has been no credible threat to American freedom in a couple hundred years that did not come directly from “our” government at some level. Who is more a threat to me- some half-starved goat herder sitting in a cave half a world away, or the bureaucrats and agents of the government who take a large percentage of my money at gunpoint and call it “taxation”, and then use that money to pass and enforce “laws” that violate my rights, liberty, and freedom? If that goat herder manages to come to my town and try to attack me, who passed the “gun laws” that mean I am either a disarmed sitting duck or a “criminal” when I confront him? Who enables and empowers the “terrorists”?

While I am sure some members of the military are on our side, their employer, the signature on their paychecks, is freedom’s worst enemy. Because of that paycheck loyalty, these are the people who will be conducting the door-to-door confiscations and killings when the order goes out to collect privately-owned guns. Maybe not in their current uniform, but in the uniform of some state, city, or federal agency that hires them after their military gig is over.

I’m sure some will say this isn’t true, but in that case how is any gun “law” ever enforced? Why can’t you own a fully-automatic AK-47? Why can’t you order a new Glock or S&W from a catalog and have it delivered to your door without paying the government a bribe (called a “license”)? Why is David Olofson in prison? Why is Wayne Fincher? Someone had to enforce an unethical and unconstitutional “law” to kidnap these men (and multitudes of others as well). Why do none of these new “laws” meet with a wall of people who refuse to enforce them? It’s not good enough to say “next time”. There is a new “next time” every day.

I for one am tired of pro-“law enforcement” and pro-military propaganda. You might as well print glowing reports of the Brady Campaign’s latest “safety” proposal.

Kent McManigal

Jeff: I’m retired military and the proud father of two active duty sons but I have to admit that I would rather get my military news elsewhere. I subscribe to Guns to read stories about guns and not military news. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely proud of our warriors but there are other venues out there for me to get military news to include email alerts that I subscribe to and other publications. Perhaps you should feature a page with photos and small bylines of warriors who have been recently decorated as a way to honor them?

Greg Mete

I know how to buy Soldier of Fortune, and If I need better military info I go to the publications that cover this field only! YOU-you are supposed to be a general shooting/gun news publication and we need that…

I was once a gun writer and editor/publisher myself until I ran into Cameron Hopkins who killed both careers for me trying to be the gun magazine of record for the IPSC/USPSA. I have never forgotten him or what he did for me…but even with that I still think GUNS is a very good magazine in a world where everyone is now written and published by the same people…

Don Maloney

In answer to your query about the military section of guns, eliminate it.
I also served with the Army durning 63-69, however I don’t buy gun magazines to read about the military.

Sandy Roman

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  1. Richard Lutz

    ISIS trick victims

    Dr Sarah Ahmed (“God’s man in Baghdad”, The Spectator, 21/11/15), who lives in Iraq, said ISIS came to a Yazidi village promising peace. Then they said: “We’re worried you’ll fight us so if you really want peace too, give up your guns.”
    This the foolish Yazidi did. On their third visit ISIS came and surrounded the now unarmed Yazidi. They took the women and girls as sex slaves and shot all the men, bar one who played dead under the corpse of his brother and survived to tell Dr Ahmed the tale.


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