Concepts To Reality

The Mossberg TR M500 And Noveske TR AR-15

Over the years, I have had several opportunities to see some things I thought were good ideas come to reality. I thought affordable training by competent instructors might be a good thing. Like it or not, Thunder Ranch helped change the firearms training industry. TR importantly made for a place where people could get training from teachers and instructors based on concepts anchored in reality instead of pie-in-the-sky gimmicks and outright fraud (at least I thought so).

Also, I liked being part and parcel of the reintroduction of the big Smith & Wesson N-frame Model 21 and 22 Thunder Ranch revolvers as nurtured by Mr. Roy Cuny and Mr. Antonio Miele. These first retro guns led to the now popular and growing Classic Series line of handguns made by the iconic “King of the Revolving Handgun.”

Les Baer’s TR 1911 was (and still is) another good idea; Les, Karen, Brenda and the “shop” have made nearly 5,000 1911 pistols based on a simple concept I wanted. Les turned it into a reality by building the Thunder Ranch Special the way a 1911 should really be built for use as a defensive handgun. A new formula comes to mind: Dependability
+ Durability = Economy.

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One thought on “Concepts To Reality

  1. Mark Gruber

    Very nice concepts. I see a gap: Shotgun @ $460; Rifle @ $2195. With the economy down, how about a less expensive rifle? May I suggest A Thunder Ranch Century International Arms C39, an AK variant. See the review in GUNS September 2010 page 32 (and the pistol variant in GUNS October 2011, page 34). The rifle comes with an extended buttstock, Tapco G2 trigger, fully adjustable rear sight, and Picatinny rails. All I might change is to replace the muzzle break with a Smith Enterprises vortex flash hider. In the 2010 article the MSRP was $820. What do you say Mr. (Clint) Smith?


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