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A while back a buddy asked me what were the three most important things I used for gun cleaning. I told him, “Puppy puddle-pads, a goose-neck light and a gun vise.” That got his eyebrows dancin’.

“What about solvents an’ lubes and rods and, and…” I waved him off. There’s a whole world of gun cleaning supplies out there, I explained, and if I have my druthers, I’ll use the best and most specialized for the weapon, the weather and its application. But I’ve learned that regardless how many, or what kinda cleaning supplies you have, making the task neater, more efficient and complete means you’ll do it more often, and when it most needs doin’.

Get A Vice

The puddle pads—available at most pet supply stores—are one of my best “discoveries.” They provide a padded, lint-free, absorbent surface, a liquid-impervious bottom and, when the job is done; you can wad up the whole solvent-soaked, lube-splotted, grunge-dappled mess and toss it in the trash. After cleaning but before applying lube and grease, a slender flexi-head light can reveal lots of “oops” or problems in otherwise hidden places. A setup like MTM Case-Gard’s Gun Vise lets you organize and control supplies, and act as that extra set of hands you don’t have. Virtually everything else you need is a matter of personal choice—and today, you’ve got some great ones!

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