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1955 Editions

1956 Editions

1957 Editions

1958 Editions

1959 Editions

1960 Editions

1961 Editions

1962 Editions

1963 Editions

1964 Editions

1965 Editions

1966 Editions

1967 Editions

1968 Editions

14 thoughts on “GUNS Magazine Classic Editions

  1. Jim Hallam

    I am Assistant Curator of the (British) NRA Museum at Bisley.
    We hope to be acquiring a .22 STEVENS “Bisley Model” soon — referred to in Jim Grants’s “Still more Singleshot rifles”. The Stevens chapter refers to an article on the “Bisley Model” in the Feb 1969 issue of your magazine.

    We would be most grateful if you could send us a copy of that article.

    best wishes

    Jim Hallam
    V-P, NRA

  2. Philip G.Baldo

    Hi, will there be a 1967 series of the magazine. I’ve enjoyed the old issues so much I really hope there will be more. I’m 62 now and love all the old adds and articles. Please don’t stop. I have been a subscriber for some time now but the old issues really are great to look back and see what we’ve missed.

  3. Sean Penney

    A big thank you to the Guns Magazine Team for making these classic editions available for download. Most of the content remains of great interest to me and even where dated is appreciated for its nostalgia value. I hope dedicated readers such as myself can look forward to additional volumes being added in the near future.

  4. Wayne Johnson

    Many thanks for posting these classic editions on-line. Several monthly issues from the 50s and early 60s were of great help in updating and adding content to the upcoming 2nd edition of my book “The FN-49 – The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle”

    Wayne Johnson

  5. Steven Xun

    Thanks for sharing this! I learn a lot of gun history from these classic edition magazines! am looking forward more and fresh perspective to construct gun related articles!


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