CCW Breakaway Pants

I have been checking out two pairs of pants designed specifically for carrying a wide range of handguns in perfect concealment. The CCW Breakaways feature reinforced, adjustable front pockets fitted with hook-and-loop strips to allow you to configure them for handguns of various sizes and shapes, as well as accessory magazines or for routine pocket use. In addition, a simple twist of the gun hand opens the pockets for an unencumbered draw by releasing two snaps hidden beneath a flange at waist level. The flange, when properly folded over, lies under an ordinary pants belt and precludes inadvertent release of the snap closure. The examples I chose are “business/formal” double pleat slacks in both available colors—black and khaki. There are very attractive, of excellent quality and have survived a couple of wash cycles without shrinkage or loosing shape. Cargo pants and shorts are available, as are blue jeans. All variations are made in the USA of substantial 8.5-ounce, 100 percent cotton chino twill.


Cool but not “Tacticool.” There is nothing about the appearance of the
Breakaways to indicate the presence of a full-sized handgun.


Pocket carry is no longer the sole province of the mouse gun. The wearer enjoys
full range of motion and even the 38-ounce Custom Gold Cup rides comfortably.
The 1911 and 4-inch barrel revolvers represent the maximum practical sizes.

An instructional CD is provided for adjusting the holster pockets and clear instructions are available online. Trial and error was used to establish optimum accessibility and comfort. I’ve checked mine out with a 1911, a SIG 210 and a 4-inch barreled S&W Mountain Gun—finding all models ride more comfortably than the general run of IWB carry options and are substantially faster to deploy, particularly from the ultra-discreet Pocket Billiards presentation. The holsters also adjust to perfectly fit a Ruger SP101 and the FMK Generation II pistols. Waist sizes are 32-44 with lengths of 30, 32, 34 and 36. Retail is $85.99.
By Mike Cumpston

CCW Breakaways
1619 Lowell Lane
New Cumberland, PA 17070
(717) 774-2152

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