The Mould Ones

In the past 50 years, I’ve had precisely one cavity in my teeth. That’s good. As pertains to handgun bullet moulds, one cavity is bad. That’s an area where I want lots of cavities—at least three and maybe four.

I learned this the hard way in 1968 because upon getting my very first US Model 1911A1 .45 ACP I could only afford a single-cavity bullet mould. It was Lyman 452374 for a 225-grain roundnose. Pouring enough bullets to feed that pistol was bad enough, but then our local chief of police began allowing his son and me to take out the department’s Thompson submachine gun. Several times I stayed up near all night casting bullets and loading .45s so we could shoot that thing for less than an hour the next day. That experience soured me on single-cavity moulds for handgun calibers.

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