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AR Barrel Essentials

Part 3: Details Matter By Glen Zediker We’ve talked over the essentials: material, quality, construction methods. What’s left are details,

ABC’s Of Barrels

Accurate Bullet Delivery Is “All About The Tube” By Glen Zediker This is probably about the 20th time I’ve written


Make Sure You Know The Difference By Glen Zediker Although we’ve cautioned on chamber dimensions numerous times over numerous years,

Essential Tools

Maintaining An AR Can Be Painless With The Right Stuff. By Glen Zediker A few AR-15-specifc tools make some essential

Master Your AR-15!

Perform Better On The Target Range With An Improved Stance And Hold. By Glen Zediker Most AR-15 folks are gearheads.

Heart Of The Matter

The Carrier Assembly Is Why The AR Is Our Most Accurate Self-Loader. Case Closed! By Glen Zediker AR-15’s aren’t like


The Crucial Element. By Glen Zediker It’s true, an AR-15 really does run on springs, as do a preponderance of

Alternate Ammo Options

Many Other Cartridges Can Improve The AR-15’s Performance. By Glen Zediker As I am writing this, there’s news afloat about


A Recipe For Success With Your Big AR. By Glen Zediker Last time I went on about the AR-10/SR-25-type rifles,