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A Pistol With Punch

Reid’s “My Friend” Knuckleduster Was Designed For Extremely Close, Personal Defense. By Holt Bodinson I don’t know if it’s proper

Summer Reads

Gun Books You Shouldn’t Miss. By Holt Bodinson “Buy a gun—buy a book.” It’s an old adage, but nothing can

ArmaLite’s Golden Gun

“Ahead Of Its Time” Is No Mere Cliché When Discussing The Ultralight 12-Gauge AR-17 Autoloader. By Holt Bodinson You’re probably

A Different Stroke

LWRCI Goes From Piston Perfection To Direct Gas Impingement With Its M6IC-DI 5.56 Carbine. By Holt Bodinson LWRC International really

Springfield Notes

More On One Of The Most Well-Documented Rifles In US History By Holt Bodinson Over the 42-year life of its

Greatest Little Gun

Ithaca’s Peabody-Inspired Model 49 Saddlegun Was A Unique Single-Shot .22. “Greatest Little Gun in the Land—The Ithaca Model 49 Saddlegun,”

Ruger Goes Long Range

The New Precision Rifle Is Just What Its Name Suggests. New firearm product introductions occur routinely throughout the year, and