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AccuFit= Accuracy

The Ever-Versatile Savage 110 Scout Now Sports A Fully Adjustable Stock By Holt Bodinson In 2018, Savage is at the

A Sensational Saint

The Edge Resets The Performance Bar For MID-Priced ARs By Holt Bodinson Given their extreme modularity, ARs are the chameleon

A Sassy Chassis

Practicing Long-Range Wind-Doping Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Masterpiece Arms’ Rimfire Stand-In By Holt Bodinson Chassis shooters, rejoice!

An Officer’s Rifle

Found! A Sensational Napoleonic-Era Baker Carbine By Holt Bodinson Gun collecting is a lot like big game hunting. You search

Hot Like Phoenix

A Tackdriving New AR Helps The .22 Nosler Split The Difference Between The .223 And .22-250 By Holt Bodinson The

CZ’s Bren Gun

The Czech Republic Has Rearmed With A New Battle Rifle And It Is Now Available To The Public By Holt


Mossberg’s 12-Gauge Model 590 Shockwave Smoothbore “Firearm.” By Holt Bodinson Mossberg enters 2017 with a new corporate slogan, “Arm Yourself,”

The MSR Reborn

By Holt Bodinson To say Savage has entered the AR market with vigor is an understatement. Bringing to the 2017

Fightin’ Irish

Fenian Radicals Used Springfield Conversions In A Failed Attempt To Invade By Holt Bodinson Take a handful of radical Irish-Americans,