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The MSR Reborn

By Holt Bodinson To say Savage has entered the AR market with vigor is an understatement. Bringing to the 2017

Fightin’ Irish

Fenian Radicals Used Springfield Conversions In A Failed Attempt To Invade By Holt Bodinson Take a handful of radical Irish-Americans,

The Real Deal

FN’s M4 And M16 Military Collector Series By Holt Bodinson Once upon a time, we could freely buy modern US

Garand Illusion

Kingston Armory’s Rimfire M1 Is An Accurate “In Scale” Tribute To Our Classic Battle Rifle. By Holt Bodinson It was

A Pistol With Punch

Reid’s “My Friend” Knuckleduster Was Designed For Extremely Close, Personal Defense. By Holt Bodinson I don’t know if it’s proper

Summer Reads

Gun Books You Shouldn’t Miss. By Holt Bodinson “Buy a gun—buy a book.” It’s an old adage, but nothing can

ArmaLite’s Golden Gun

“Ahead Of Its Time” Is No Mere Cliché When Discussing The Ultralight 12-Gauge AR-17 Autoloader. By Holt Bodinson You’re probably