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The Mighty Model 71

Winchester’s .348 Thumper By Holt Bodinson “It is a rifle suitable for all North American big game from Alaskan moose

Tactical Turkish 12

A Smoothbore AR Dozen-Gauge By Holt Bodinson Americans love their tactical shotguns. I think there’s a whiff of buckshot embedded

AccuFit= Accuracy

The Ever-Versatile Savage 110 Scout Now Sports A Fully Adjustable Stock By Holt Bodinson In 2018, Savage is at the

A Sensational Saint

The Edge Resets The Performance Bar For MID-Priced ARs By Holt Bodinson Given their extreme modularity, ARs are the chameleon

A Sassy Chassis

Practicing Long-Range Wind-Doping Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Masterpiece Arms’ Rimfire Stand-In By Holt Bodinson Chassis shooters, rejoice!

An Officer’s Rifle

Found! A Sensational Napoleonic-Era Baker Carbine By Holt Bodinson Gun collecting is a lot like big game hunting. You search

Hot Like Phoenix

A Tackdriving New AR Helps The .22 Nosler Split The Difference Between The .223 And .22-250 By Holt Bodinson The