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A Top-Shelf .22 Trainer

Poland’s KBK.S wz.48 Is One Sweet-Shooting Collectible “Sleeper.” The militaries of the world struck out in different directions when it

Guns With Character

A Savage 99 .32-40 Shows The Influence Of A Knowledgeable Owner. Walking down rows of black, synthetic stocked rifles, I

A Concept Refined

Ruger’s Gunsite Scout Does A Bang-Up Job Of Realizing Cooper’s Original Vision Of A “General-Purpose Rifle.” The Scout rifle concept

The Star Wars Shotgun

The UTS-15 Redfines “Tactical Smoothbore” There’s a whiff of buckshot embedded in the American DNA. We love our combat smoothbores.

Smallbore Wonder

The Iconic 1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer in 6.5×54. If there ever was an “iconic” firearm with an international following reading like a

An Elegant Team

Remington’s Model 25 And The .25-20 WCF. Before the .22 Hornet or .218 Bee, Winchester’s .25-20 Winchester Center Fire was

A Short Affair

The .22 Short 1890 Winchester “Gallery Gun” Is Still A Blast. My first introduction to firearms was at the Shooting