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Pick, Click, Shoot!

Winchester Brings Patterning Dope to Your Computer Screen. By Holt Bodinson Patterning is commonly regarded as a tedious aspect of

High-Tech Shotgun Ammo

Maxstop And DDupleks Maximize The Effectiveness Of The 12-Gauge Defensive And Hunting Shotgun. By Holt Bodinson Innovations in ammunition power

From Turkey, For Dove

Stevens’ 555 20-Gauge Import Proves Itself A Sleek, Lightweight Upland O/U. By Holt Bodinson To those who can remember when


Chiappa’s Triple 20. By Holt Bodinson Chiappa Firearms likes to play with your mind. First, they introduce a revolver firing

Pumpin’ Out The Power

Mossberg’s M500 FLEX—Combined Wth Hornady’s “Custom Lite” Sabot Slugs—Is A Black Bear Buster. By Holt Bodinson In the annals of

The “Bolo” Shell

Advanced Ballistic Concepts’ Multiple Impact Bullet. By Holt Bodinson Photos Ilse Bodinson Looking ever so much like the shell for

Happy Anniversary!

Remington’s 1100 Turns 50. Announced in January 1963, as the shotgun designed “to make any shooter a better shot,” the