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The Affinity Catalyst

Franchi’s Designer Shotguns For Women By Holt Bodinson With the recent and encouraging influx of women into the shooting sports,

A Steal Of A Deal

Hatfield’s $225 12-Gauge Auto Has “Hit” Written All Over It By Holt Bodinson Remember those Hatfields, who were always fussin’,

A Refined Autoloader

Mossberg’s 930 Pro-Series Is The Right Tool For Many Jobs By Holt Bodinson When you want to build a no-holds-barred

The Sweet Sixteen

Little Appreciated Today, Our Once Popular Do-All “Middle Gauge” Just Got Sweeter By Holt Bodinson If you’re old enough to

A Great 28

TriStar’s Setter S/T O/U Is A Sweet- Swinging Smallbore Built To scale. By Holt Bodinson Think you’ve seen more 28-gauge

Give ‘Em The 3rd Degree

Federal’s 20-Gauge Twist On Their “Three-Stage” Shotshell Concept Proves Itself A Kinder, Gentler Turkey Buster. By Holt Bodinson Mixing shot

A Swingin’ Affair

There Was No Shortage Of Smoothbore Surprises At The 2016 SHOT Show By Holt Bodinson If the 2016 SHOT Show—held

Just a Little Squeeze

Interchangeable Choke Tubes Are The Biggest Game Changer Since The Shotshell. By Holt Bodinson Interchangeable choke tubes have been one

Left Turn

Mossberg Gives The “10-Percenters” A Dedicated Gun By Holt Bodinson What do notables like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Alexander

Think Pink!

Undeniably Eye-Catching and Priced To Sell, Legacy’s Turkish-Made Foxy Woods 20-Gauge Semi-Auto Is Ready For Action. By Holt Bodinson Legacy

Ol’ Devil Wind

Even Shotgun Patterns Get Moved Around. By Holt Bodinson Let’s talk wind for a moment. Shotgunners don’t talk about wind

Pick, Click, Shoot!

Winchester Brings Patterning Dope to Your Computer Screen. By Holt Bodinson Patterning is commonly regarded as a tedious aspect of

High-Tech Shotgun Ammo

Maxstop And DDupleks Maximize The Effectiveness Of The 12-Gauge Defensive And Hunting Shotgun. By Holt Bodinson Innovations in ammunition power