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Bullet Points

SD’S, BC’S And The Science Of Flight. Sectional density and ballistic coefficient relate roughly like flour and bread. If what

The Best Binocular

It’s Whatever’s Best For You. A binocular is one of the few items to justify stretching the budget. It will


The Rifle Sling And How To Use One Afield. One of the most useful accessories for a hunting rifle is

Doin’ The Twist

And Causing No Harm. “The safety guard’s gone from his grinding machine He got a stiff paint brush he only

Deadly Combinations

If You Have Many Different Rifles And Cartridges, choose when you shoot which wisely. “I aimed carefully and squeezed the

Shooting Better

Managing recoil from the bench with hard-kicking rifles. An earlier column suggested learning basic bench technique using a light-recoiling rifle

Handgun Ammo Part 2

Loads For Short-Barrel Revolvers, Hunting And Specialty Ammo. The classic .38 Special “snubbie” revolver has been popular for concealed carry

Handgun Ammo Part 1

Good Choices Abound For Self-Defense With Autoloading Pistols. Buying handgun ammunition is kind of a good news/bad news scenario. The

Confidence Builder

Learning the offhand shot is a worthwhile skill for the hunter. Benchrest shooting and offhand shooting are at opposite ends

Running The Bolt

Get a fresh round chambered quickly and surely. “There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, and every

Bench Basics

Learn to shoot from a rest to qualify the quality of your gun, scope and ammunition. Developing practical rifle skill