The new Thompson Center T/CR22 is the perfect long gun host for the Silent Legion Direct Thread .22 LR Suppressor. The T/CR22 comes with a factory-threaded barrel.

I finally found it. After a lifetime of searching I’ve stumbled upon a sound suppressor that’s as effective as the fake ones they use in the movies. The Silent Legion Direct Thread .22 suppressor is the best rimfire can I’ve ever fired.

The Silent Legion is comically tiny and weighs a hair over nothing. It’s only 5″ long and weighs a paltry 2.7 oz. — that’s substantially less than the beef patty of your typical fast food hamburger.

In spite of the minuscule weight, it has everything you could want. The construction is entirely aluminum — that’s where the diminutive weight comes from — yet it’s adequately robust to render a lifetime of service. Hanging this thing on the snout of a .22 adds essentially nothing to a gun’s bulk or balance.

The can is easily disassembled at the user level with an included tool. The tool is a simple knurled disk with a series of pegs that engage the end cap. Twist the cap off and the sundry K-Baffles slide right out. The fit is tight enough to be effective, yet sufficiently loose as to allow ready disassembly.

The K-Baffles are cone-shaped contrivances that interlock top and bottom to form the internal baffle stack. They draw their name from the K-shaped cross section you get if you were to slice one down the middle. There is a prescribed order and orientation to each baffle that is explained in a diagram in the manual. Tabs on each baffle engage slots in its neighbor to keep everything arranged and the end result is both elegant and effective.

The can is threaded 1/2×28 so it will fit any standard .22 rimfire threaded barrel. Twist it in place and go to town K-Baffles — it literally couldn’t be simpler.

The S&W M&P .22 pistol closely mimics a full-sized combat handgun at a fraction of the price. The Silent Legion Direct Thread .22 LR Suppressor makes it fun.

Ridiculously compact and all but weightless, this is the nicest .22 suppressor Will has ever run.


A .22 can assumes a different personality based upon its host weapon. In the case of this Silent Legion .22 can it’s so small and light as to bring no excess baggage. When it was time to wring the thing out I threaded it onto the end of a new Thompson/Center TCR22.

The TCR22 is the only serious competition to the Ruger 10/22 on today’s market. This nifty new plinking machine is everything the 10/22 is plus some. With superlative engineering and standard features like an extended magazine release and a last-round bolt hold open, the TCR22 is tomorrow’s rimfire utility rifle.

It comes from the factory threaded for a suppressor. Once stoked with some quality Winchester M22 Subsonic .22 LR ammo this rig makes simply beautiful music — you can hardly hear it!

This combination really is just stupid quiet. Most suppressed weapons are still just a little bit offensive to the ears but that’s not the case with this can. Had I sufficient ammo stores, I could sit on the back porch all day long shooting stuff with this gun until I starved.

The holy combination of the TCR22 and the Silent Legion can is the hands-down best way to introduce new shooters to the sport. Slap on a pair of shooting glasses and leave the muffs at home. This facilitates better coaching and added safety while also making you a friendlier neighbor.

Trek out into the bush in search of small game like tree rats and bunnies and the can lets you bag the whole brood before anybody’s the wiser. The argument could be made such a combination is the ultimate bugout survival gun. The Silent Legion suppressor lets you take care of business without unduly troubling bystanders.

I also threaded this marvelous little device onto the end of my S&W M&P .22 and fell in love all over again. Even when paired with the short barrel the gun is still mouse-fart quiet. I burned through an unseemly amount of ammunition just reveling in the freedom to run a recoilless combat-configured handgun without hearing protection. This is indeed the quietest .22 can I have ever run and I’ve run a lot of .22 cans.

The guts of the Silent Legion Direct Thread .22 LR Suppressor is a series of machined aluminum K-Baffles stacked in precise fashion to hush the bang.


If you are considering taking the plunge and buying a suppressor, this is the place to start. The Silent Legion .22 can is ridiculously effective and sports an MSRP of $315. Whether mounted on a rifle or pistol, it lets you deal with pests or shoot recreationally in places where you could never do so otherwise.

It’s hard to impress me with gun stuff these days. Like any proper addict it takes higher and higher doses to get the same buzz but this amazingly compact little can just knocked my socks off. It is incredibly cool.

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