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Steyr’s Zephyr II

The “Divine Wind” Returns By Holt Bodinson There were two remarkable catalogs in my youth. They were thick, a bit

Packable Precision

Ruger’s Very Portable 10/22 Target Lite Delivers By Holt Bodinson Now in its 54th year of continuous production, Ruger’s iconic

A Cool Twenty-Twofer

Re-Rasslin’ The Auto Vs. Revolver Issue Doesn’t Get Much Easier When caliber—And Gun Size—Are Scaled Down By Payton Miller The

Get Rimfired Up!

Volquartsen’s Hybrid Switch-Barrel Semi-Auto Delivers Dual .22 Magnum/.17 HMR Capability. By Holt Bodinson When it comes to engineering advanced precision

Majestic Upgrades

The New Ruger Mark IV Is Hard To Improve, But These Modifications Do So! By Holt Bodinson Independent, creative minds

Switch Hitter

Ruger’s Tackdriving American Rimfire Target Is Still Handy Enough For Small Game And Varmints. By Holt Bodinson The pace of

Savage Launches The B17

This Heavy-Barreled Bolt Action Offers .17 HMR Sizzle With An Option For “Silent Running.” By Holt Bodinson Following closely on

Bread-And-Butter .22

Mossberg’s Blaze Line Holds A Rifle For Every Taste By Holt Bodinson If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable

Lighter-Than-Air Pair

Magnum Research’s Tactical Black Rifle And Ruger’s 22/45 Lite Are Sleek, Straight Shooters And Svelte As All Get-Out By Holt


S&W’s New .22 LR Semi-Auto Is A Winner By Holt Bodinson One hundred-and-fifty-nine years later, after marketing the first, successful