Even if you’re more of a “shade tree gunsmith” than a leather-apron professional, you’ll find the 27-piece Birchwood Casey Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit a welcome addition to your range bag.

There are few things more frustrating than to experience function problems after a long drive for a day’s shooting and finding yourself without the right remedial item (ask us how we know this!). This pro-grade kit is safely housed in a hard case where all the tools are well organized. And if our staff is any indication, pre-arranged always counts as a good thing!

What’s in it? Well, in addition to a nylon and brass-faced hammer, there’s an assortment of practically any Phillips or flat screwdriver bit you’re likely to need, plus most brass/synthetic roll-pin punches and driver bits (flat, torx, hex). The price for this potential “day-saver” is $36.

Birchwood Casey
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