Mec-Gar had a 17-rounder back in 1992 but it was sort of unnoticed because they were busy supplying a huge number of mil-spec 15-round mags for the US M9. Now, with the Beretta 92 series still around today, Mec-Gar took another look at the original design and made a few tweaks.

They discovered a regular-length flat-floorplate version could easily be made to hold 18 rounds. This was done by eliminating a projection on the follower and altering the spring so most of the upper coils could nestle into the underside of the follower. They also added a polymer floorplate and anti-friction coating inside to make things flow nicely. All the materials used are first-class.

MSRP: $38.30 (18-round) and $46.50 (20-round)

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