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An Easier Speed Read

By Jeff John Compiling chronograph data just got a whole lot easier with the new Bluetooth-equipped Competition Electronics Pro Chrono.

Ironwood Stocks

By Jeff John Years ago, after hearing DS Arms discontinued their wood-stocked FAL, I managed to purchase one of the

Walker’s Razor X

By Payton Miller For me as well as a lot of other guys, “high-tech” hearing protection is pretty much anything

Timney Ruger Trigger

By Dave Anderson My new favorite PFR (perfect farm rifle—I’m borrowing from John Taffin’s term PPP, for Perfect Packin’ Pistol)

Galco Walkabout

By Jeff John Long respected for high-quality gunleather, Galco’s newest, the Walkabout (for revolvers) does not disappoint. An Inside-the-Waistband style,