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Kahr K9

This Elegant All-Steel Auto Has Gone From “Classy To Classic.” By Payton Miller In this day of striker-fired, polymer-framed CCW-type

A Working Man’s No. 5

For Fans Of Keith’s Legendary Single Action, Lipsey’s Offers A Ruger Bisley .44 Special By Payton Miller Serious sixgunners (like

Pocket Performance

The Taurus 738 TCP .380 Has Great Handling Qualities For CCW Users. By Mike Cumpston The current generation of micro


T/C’s New .50 Caliber In-Line Muzzleloader Is As Accurate As Many Centerfire Rifles. By Holt Bodinson From the cultish “7’s”

The Patriot Revolution

Mossberg’s Affordable Bolt Action Offers A Wide Variety Of Chamberings Such Ss The .25-06 Winchester. By Holt Bodinson Have you