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Glass Plus Iron

Scopes And Iron Sights: Worth The Hassle? By John Barsness While most bolt-action rifles don’t even come with iron sights

Coming To Terms

Let’s Clear the Air On Scope Tech-Talk By John Barsness Since “affordable” laser rangefinders appeared in the 1990s, some riflescopes

Dialing For Distance

The Burris C4 Plus 3-9×40 30mm Scope Gives Hunters A Sturdy, Affordable Option For Longer Range Shots. By John Barsness

Presto Change-O

Detachable Scope Mounts Can Save Your Hunt By John Barsness Quite a few hunters believe the only use for detachable

Value On Track

Tract Toric 3-15×42 Impact BDC Delivers Sophisticated Performance At A Budget-Friendly Price By John Barsness Tract Optics was formed by

Scope Busters!

If Your Glass Goes South, Here’s How To Get Back On Track By John Barsness At last count 17 different

A Different View

Why And How Scope Parallax Affects Shooting By John Barsness One of the definitions of parallax in my Random House

Rough Zero

A Collimator Begins Saving Time, Effort And Money Quickly By John Barsness This may seem a little strange, but quite