I spoke to Vince Damiano from County Line Firearms and Gun Sitters in East Hanover, N.J. to ask about his experiences related to ammo sales.

“People are panic buying; our sales are up about 600%,” said Damiano. “Where there is value, there is scarcity, and because they think ammo is scarce, they're buying.”

“When people heard the UN bought 9 million rounds of ammunition before COVID, people started panic buying. It’s a change in their perception of protection. When it was remarked police might be unable to respond, individuals purchased guns for self-defense,” Damiano continued. “I’ve seen more first-time gun buyers in the last 9 months than in the last 9 years, and the major reason they're buying is for self-protection.

"They’re buying firearms in common calibers, so that is what is being purchased, making them harder to find.”