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Varminter Supreme

Handloading The .204 Ruger. The .204 Ruger appeared in 2004, the commercial end-result of considerable .20-caliber wildcatting. Hornady developed the

Monolithic Bullets

Superb Performance And Reliable Expansion Are THE NEW “Normal.” One of the interesting terms used today is “monolithic bullets.” Mono

The Classic .32 ACP

These handloads were worked up for the short barrels often found ON SMALL pocket guns LIKE the Beretta Tomcat. The

The “Old Four”

The .257, .270, 7mm And .300 Weatherby Magnums Are Still Top Performers. Roy Weatherby grew up during the Great Depression

The .38 Special

Still “Special” After More Than 100 Years. The .38 Special is the most popular centerfire revolver cartridge ever, and still