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Sweet, With Sizzle

Range Day With Black Hills’ HoneyBadger Defensive Handgun Loads By Payton Miller The search for ever-more-effective defensive handgun ammo has

A 9 For All Reasons

By Payton Miller Springfield Armory first introduced the Croatian-made HS200 as their flagship XD pistol in 2002. It was my

Holding A Hot Hand

Springfield ups the AR ante in Las Vegas By Payton Miller Although Springfield Armory continually offers intelligent variations on its

Cutting-Edge Extras

Ammo, Accessories, Accoutrements, Auction, Action By Payton Miller As a hunting round for bolt-action rifles, the ’06 will always have

The Virtual Trapper

Looking For Wild Nightlife? Try Setting Up A Trail Cam In Your Backyard. By Payton Miller “Suburban wildlife” is not

Spot On!

Learning To Love Red-Dot Sight By Payton Miller The first reflex or red dot sight I ever saw was on

Clear As Glass!

Foggy Ramblings On Scopes And Mounts, Plus An ’06 Heavyweight. By Payton Miller Believe it or not, there was a

Filling a .41 Gap

Plus Pins, Lasers, Optics And One “Gold-Standard” Luger. By Payton Miller The .41 Magnum is a fine handgun cartridge, but

A Gunny Grab Bag

A Little Bit Of Everything: Ammo, Cleaning Gizmos And Musical Connections. By Payton Miller Of the world’s major gun companies,