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A Sight to See

Rimfire Rasslin’: Peeps, Posts, And The Search For The Perfect Picture By Payton Miller Getting an iron-sighted .22 to hit

A Shotgun Approach

Clay Birds, Game Birds And Crazy Angles Are All Gauges Of Success By Payton Miller If you do enough shotgunning,

Blades & Bullets

What Works Well Isn’t Necessarily The Latest In Cool By Payton Miller There really is a case to be made

Pressure Points

By Payton Miller How Different Is Standard From +P Ammo When It Comes To Your Average Carry Gun? Here in

Hammered In Vegas

Springfield Goes “Old-School Auto” With A Compact 9mm XD Variant. By Payton Miller Since Springfield Armory introduced the XD at

Sweet, With Sizzle

Range Day With Black Hills’ HoneyBadger Defensive Handgun Loads By Payton Miller The search for ever-more-effective defensive handgun ammo has

A 9 For All Reasons

By Payton Miller Springfield Armory first introduced the Croatian-made HS200 as their flagship XD pistol in 2002. It was my

Holding A Hot Hand

Springfield ups the AR ante in Las Vegas By Payton Miller Although Springfield Armory continually offers intelligent variations on its

Cutting-Edge Extras

Ammo, Accessories, Accoutrements, Auction, Action By Payton Miller As a hunting round for bolt-action rifles, the ’06 will always have

The Virtual Trapper

Looking For Wild Nightlife? Try Setting Up A Trail Cam In Your Backyard. By Payton Miller “Suburban wildlife” is not