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Vintage Gems

Store-Brand Santa By Payton Miller Okay. It’s December. Nobody escapes the Ghost of Christmas Past, so we’ll just surrender here


Serious Surprises In The Shootin’ And Cuttin’ Department By Payton Miller How hard do you really push a piece of

Zero Hour

We’ve All Gotta Do Our Time At The Bench By Payton Miller I used to spend a lot of time

A Whole Shot-Load

Drool-Worthy Ammo Intros Fired Up The Greatest Show On Earth By Payton Miller The annual SHOT Show is a chance

A Slicker Snubbie

Part 2: Grab And Go Essentials By Payton Miller In this wrap-up of the J-Frame snubbie column we started last

A Slicker Snubbie

Part 1: Turn Your S&W J-frame Into A “J-Plus.” By Payton Miller After a lifetime of shooting medium and large-frame

A Sight to See

Rimfire Rasslin’: Peeps, Posts, And The Search For The Perfect Picture By Payton Miller Getting an iron-sighted .22 to hit

A Shotgun Approach

Clay Birds, Game Birds And Crazy Angles Are All Gauges Of Success By Payton Miller If you do enough shotgunning,

Blades & Bullets

What Works Well Isn’t Necessarily The Latest In Cool By Payton Miller There really is a case to be made