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Serious Surprises In The Shootin’ And Cuttin’ Department By Payton Miller How hard do you really push a piece of

Zero Hour

We’ve All Gotta Do Our Time At The Bench By Payton Miller I used to spend a lot of time

A Whole Shot-Load

Drool-Worthy Ammo Intros Fired Up The Greatest Show On Earth By Payton Miller The annual SHOT Show is a chance

A Slicker Snubbie

Part 2: Grab And Go Essentials By Payton Miller In this wrap-up of the J-Frame snubbie column we started last

A Slicker Snubbie

Part 1: Turn Your S&W J-frame Into A “J-Plus.” By Payton Miller After a lifetime of shooting medium and large-frame

A Sight to See

Rimfire Rasslin’: Peeps, Posts, And The Search For The Perfect Picture By Payton Miller Getting an iron-sighted .22 to hit

A Shotgun Approach

Clay Birds, Game Birds And Crazy Angles Are All Gauges Of Success By Payton Miller If you do enough shotgunning,

Blades & Bullets

What Works Well Isn’t Necessarily The Latest In Cool By Payton Miller There really is a case to be made