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Let ‘Er Rip!

The Light Machine Gun Fully Evolved Into A Much-Feared “Infantry Equalizer” During World War II By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos:

A-Grade “A1’s”

Inland’s M1A1 .30 “Paratrooper” Carbine And 1911A1 .45 Are Made-In-The-USA Facsimiles Of The Originals. By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By

The Baddest Bugout Duo

Springfield’s SOCOM CQB .308 And GEMTECH-Suppressed XD(M) .45 May Be The Final Say-So Protective Firepower For Beleaguered Civilians. By Will


John’s Classic Perfect Packin’ Pistol Concept Is By No Means A Revolver-Only Proposition. By John Taffin When I came up