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Speed Read

LabRadar Eliminates All Of The Clutter In Front Of The Gun During Chronograph Sessions By John Taffin Someone once said:

The Right Direction

T/C’s Tackdriving Compass Proves Itself A Bolt-Action Bargain By Mark Hampton Perhaps I’m showing my age, but I can remember

Ruger Double Threat

A Scaled-Down American 9mm Or Improved LCP .380? Take Your Pick. Or Take Both! By John Taffin The American Compact

True Confessions

A Handloading Pro Dissects Mistakes He’s Made And Some He Hasn’t By M.L. McPherson Historically, metallic cartridge handloaders have believed

Going Full-Bore

S&W’s Super-Popular Subcompact Is Now Available In The All-American .45 ACP By Massad Ayoob In only about 4 years after


Is Your Rifle Adequately Accurate For The Hunt? By John Barsness When I started big game hunting in Montana in

First Pair

The Winchester 1866 Rifle And Colt 1872 Open Top Made An Admirable Duo, But No One Knew Back Then! By

Big-Bore Breakout

For Those Who Love Carry Revolvers, Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special Provides A Packable Power Upgrade By Massad Ayoob At a

Gold Standard

Colt Revives The Gold Cup National Match .45 ACP By John Taffin Nostalgia or practicality? I’m certainly not sure which