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Magnum Deluxe

Mossberg’s Patriot Revere Combines .300 Win Mag Power With Old-School Aesthetics By Mark Hampton Today’s long guns continue to amaze

Triple Threat

LWRC’s REPR MKII Delivers Match-Grade Precision, Gas-Piston Reliability And 7.62 NATO Power Mike Cumpston With Stan Jarosz Photos: Takashi Sato

The Missile Type

Bullets Come In Many Types, Featuring Vastly Different Constructions To Fit Almost Any Application. By ML McPherson Here begins a

A Less-Filling Handful

Springfield’s EMP4 Solves The 9mm/1911 Conundrum Story And Photos: Jeff John A lot of engineering has gone into “shoehorning” the

Bullberry Barrel Works

Custom Lengths, Weights And Chamberings Expand The Horizons For The Versatile T/C Encore. By Mark Hampton Thompson/Center’s Encore has been

A Bear Of A 10mm

Dan Wesson’s Longslide Bruin Is An Autoloading Equalizer For The Great Outdoors. By Massad Ayoob Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo I

Operation Nimrod

Recreating The British SAS MP5 Sub-Gun With A Zenith MKE-5RS By Will Dabbs, MD Photos: Sarah Dabbs In the aftermath

Buffalo Buster

Shiloh Sharps Admirably Reproduces The Old West’s Iconic Model 1874 By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos: Yvonne Venturino This is my

Odds & Edges

10 Tempting Off-The-Beaten- Path Knives And Tools By Pat Covert Hey, everybody who knows what a tactical knife looks like,

Costa Carry Comp

STI’s 9mm 1911 Hi-Caps, Number 2 In A Series By John Taffin In recognition of the renewed interest in the