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A Nine—Plus…

Lipsey’s Glock RTF-2 Vickers Tactical Is A Professional’s Dream By Will Dabbs, MD “Vickers” just sounds like a gun word.

For Serving Soldiers

Our Troops Are On Every Continent On This Planet. Let’s Remember Them This Christmas By John Connor While the actual

Big Bad Belly Gun

Smith & Wesson Redefines CCW With The X-Frame .500 S&W For Defense Against, Well… Anything By Mark Hampton Photos: Joseph

A Savage Solution

A Lightweight Custom 7mm RSAUM Rifle On A Budget By M.L. McPHERSON My brother Stan and his wife Helen were

Coonan .45 MOT

This Sweet-Running “Linkless” 1911 Has Innovative Touches Above And Beyond Your Basic Browning Template By John Taffin At the beginning

Hunting Season Showcase

Are You Ready For Hunting Season? These “must-have” advertiser sponsored products might be just what you need for a successful

Beretta APX 9mm

Will The Unique Attributes Of This Latest Entry In The Polymer-Pistol Sweepstakes Sway Buyers? By Massad Ayoob Photos: Gail Pepin

Upping The Ante

The New .22 Nosler Boosts Performance Dramatically At The Same Overall Length Of The .223 Remington. By Mark Hampton As

Home-Defense Hammer

Uncle Sam Was Inadvertently Responsible For Bringing You The Powerful And Versatile FNX-45. Will Dabbs, MD Photos: Takashi Sato It

Bullet Vs. Barrel

The Bullet You Choose To Reload Is A Unique Component And Affects The Load’s Safety And Performance. By M.L. McPherson

Be Careful!

We Want Our Handloads To go BANG!-NOT BOOM! Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos: Yvonne Venturino A week before this writing I

The Mightiest Mini

Ruger’s Tactical Mini 30 Stainless Delivers 7.62×39 Punch In A Proven Package. By Mike Cumpston In its various permutations, Ruger’s