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It’s An AR World

By Payton Miller Since its introduction, the AR15 has become the undisputed all-time champ in one singular category. As a

Short-Action Perfection

When It Comes To T/C’s Venture Compact, Accuracy Is Not An Afterthought. By Robert Kolesar Colonel Townsend Whelen said, “Only

Battle Tested

Beretta’s Rack-Grade GI 92FS/M9 The USA’s First Fight Winning 9mm — Still Performing 30 Years Later. By Robert Kolesar I

Mouse Gun Magic

Even If It’s Less Than Mighty, A Gun In Hand Beats One At Home By Mike Boyle The defensive handgun might

Sub-Caliber Sting!

Ruger’s 77/17 Hornet Is A Varmint’s Worst Nightmare By Sammy Reese When the .17 HMR burst on the scene several