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Big-Chassis AR’s

Here Are Some Expert Tips On How To Make A “Powered-Up” Platform Run Reliably. By Glen Zediker Once there was

3-Gun Part 1

Lets Look At The Handgun. Competitive shooters are mostly purists. They shoot one discipline and work to excel in that

The DIY Rust Blue

I’ve reached a conclusion about rust bluing. It’s mostly superstition, with a few facts tossed in as a distraction. Practically

The Star Wars Shotgun

The UTS-15 Redfines “Tactical Smoothbore” There’s a whiff of buckshot embedded in the American DNA. We love our combat smoothbores.


HK Built The First Striker-Fired, Polymer-Frame Pistol Decades Ago. They’ve Done It Again. But This Time They’ve Done It Right.

House Gun(s)

Have More Than One If YOUR House Is Large. By John Taffin The earliest, most vivid recollection I have of