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Full Auto BB Fun

The Umarex Legends M712. The September 2014 issue carried my review of the Umarex Legends C96, a stunningly realistic BB-firing

The ProMag Rollermag

The magazine for the Sterling submachine gun is arguably the finest feed device ever devised. Incorporating roller bearings in lieu

50 Famous Firearms

It’s Christmas time and gun books are a great gift since they don’t have to be registered (yet!) and they’re

Hail The .41 Magnum

The “Redheaded Stepchild” Turns 50. Sometimes things just don’t happen the way they should. The .38 Special, an improvement on

The Moon Kills

The School Of Light And Darkness. Long ago and far away—a good lead-in phrase for a story too long to

Umarex Octane

This .22 Air Rifle Is Quiet And Powerful. The appeal of a powerful, suppressed .22 air rifle isn’t tough to

Hidalgo Speaks

Of Cuba Then. Part II If you haven’t read Part 1 in the September issue, go read it now, OK?