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Three Nines to Beat

As basically a .38 Special/.45 ACP guy when it comes to handguns, I’ve always looked on with a bit of fascination — perhaps mixed with primitive metric...
Read Full Article Payton Miller
Short And Serious

I spent 25 years in captivity. No, not in North Vietnam or North Korea, but in a desperate day-to-day fight for survival in the pit of weekday despair known...
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Buying Your First Handgun?

Buying a handgun for personal or home defense is generally not the same as buying one for target practice or competition. Don’t go into the gun store...
Read Full Article David Freeman
Common Sense Personal Defense

This Voltaire quote is such a cliché: “Common sense is not so common.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the phrase used. However, when it...
Read Full Article Dave Douglas
Big Blast Target Caps

There’s a floating island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. Why? Well, where once our drinking water came from a tap, nowadays it comes...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Fundamentals Still Rule

The process of teaching someone to shoot can get tangled up in egos and past experience, good or bad. Excellent instructional technique, coupled with...
Read Full Article Robert Kolesar
SIG AIR M17 ASP Air Pistol...

Training with an air pistol — one that is an exact duplicate of the “real” gun carried — has the advantage of being less expensive and less dangerous.
Read Full Article Mark Kakkuri
Raise ’Em Right

In our last installment we discussed the history of toy guns in America. We talked about the realistic martial playthings of old and waxed nostalgic for the...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
5 Tips To Better Shooting

How to shoot accurately is simple to explain. In reality there are only two things necessary: (1) Stabilize the muzzle in the proper perspective to the...
Read Full Article George Harris
Here's Where To Begin

There’s a lot of books written specifically for women on the “how-to” of shooting. Most are on self-defense. The importance of protecting yourself,...
Read Full Article Shari LeGate
Starting Early, Starting Right

Insuring the future of shooting sports by actively recruiting youth into the sport is a national goal of the utmost importance. We are reminded as...
Read Full Article Holt Bodinson
The TCR22

Thompson/Center has introduced its second semi-auto rifle, a compact little sporter in .22 Long Rifle. The company promotes the TCR22 as a general-purpose...
Read Full Article Mike Cumpston