Carry Time

Three Holsters.

We get more versatility out of our handguns if we have a wardrobe of holsters in which to carry them. How fortunate that holsters are cheaper than guns! Let’s look at three, from economy to custom grade.

The plastic Fobus paddle holster from Israel has been on our shores for many years. We holster snobs have turned up our noses at them, saying, “Entry level,” we would sniff, or perhaps something even less kind. In 2010, I had to eat my words.

It was a trip that involved both training and competition. I was in Forsyth, Ga., teaching for Georgia State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors’ Association, wearing a cool Ed Brown Signature Model 1911 .45, about to head north to shoot the IDPA East Coast National Championships in Prospect Hill, N.C. I was scheduled to be my team’s Stock Service Revolver (SSR) shooter at the latter event. Unpacking in the Georgia hotel, I discovered to my horror that I had packed my Denny Reichard-tuned S&W Model 15 .38 Special and its speedloaders and carriers, but neglected to bring a holster for the revolver.

A benevolent local cop took me on a tour of the gun shops and police equipment outlets in the area, and apparently none of their customers wanted them to stock revolver holsters for anything bigger than a 2-inch J-frame. I was ready to raid the Police Museum when I found a Fobus for a 4-inch. I quickly forked over three 10s on the counter.

In August 2010, Mas draws S&W M15 from new, concealed Fobus holster, taking First Master, Stock Service Revolver honors at East Coast US Championships of IDPA.

My surprise was exceeded by only my relief when I discovered that it worked remarkably well. From the first draw in practice to the last one of the match, every draw was clean and smooth. The Fobus didn’t hold the gun as tight to the body as some dedicated outside-the-belt concealment holsters, but it concealed adequately both for match rules and for loaded carry to and from the event. I ended up first master, second overall in SSR to Division Champion Craig Buckland, who was on his way to becoming National and then World Champion. No complaints from me.

From that day since, this old holster snob has not bad-mouthed the inexpensive Fobus. Retail for Fobus holsters runs between $30 and $40.
By Massad Ayoob

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