Browning Moc Toe Chukka

Arthritis in my feet has limited my outdoor adventures the last few years. I’ve had to give away my old hunting boots as my feet enlarged so I was in the market for a new boot for use here in the Nevada desert, which runs from hot to wet to snow. I need to be able to lace up the boot in a fashion that won’t aggravate my arthritis. The trick is to have the padding around my ankle tight enough to not raise a blister there while keeping the lacing loose enough below so it won’t start an arthritis flare-up.

The Browning Moc Toe Chukka fit the bill nicely. The surface inside is lined with leather and mesh and the insole is what Browning calls a “Pillow Cushion” which offers thick padding in the heel area. Outside is “Harness Cork” leather upper with a moc toe, and waterproofing is by Scubaliner. The outsoles are Maxum Lite Polyurethane, aren’t deeply cleated, and perfect for the type of hiking I do around here, since it is mostly sandy desert. These soles are much easier to clean than some of the really deep lugs found on my older boots, yet give me sure enough footing in sand and snow. The start of my break in period was this last winter when we had a few inches of snow on the ground. The Scubaliner kept my feet nice and dry as my sister and I walked over to the nearby park, stood in the snow and threw the ball for her little dog.

I wear Smart Wool socks with them and so far I’ve been able to resume longer outdoor activities. It’ll be nice to go hunting with comfortable feet this coming dove and quail season. Available through many Browning dealers, the Moc Toe Chukka part number is BR9308.
By Jeff John

Browning Footwear
107 Highland St.
Martinsburg, PA 16662
(800) 441-4319

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