Browning Cadence Electronic Hearing Protector

By Mike Cumpston

Browning top of the line hearing protectors feature high fidelity
microphones that block sound above 82dB.

The new top-of-the-line hearing protector from Browning is the Cadence high-tech but affordable headset. The sound reduction rating is NRR 24 (SNR 27dB) noise reduction level and has dual high fidelity omni-directional microphones. I take this to mean you can hear the sound just fine but can’t really tell where it’s coming from and this is certainly the case for me. The volume control is at 12 o’clock on the left ear cup and the same pattern on the right side houses the two AAA batteries. The low-profile muffs are well sealed and padded and the wide headband is padded for comfort.

My check for sound transmission quality involved turning on the television and ignoring the closed captioning I usually require to make sense of the dialog. Previous such tests were compromised by the white-sound “hiss” overlaid on everything. At full volume, the Cadence allowed me to follow the dialog with reasonable comfort and the volume adjustment really does reduce or eliminate ambient background noises just as Browning claims. This is a significantly better item than other electronic protectors I’ve used in the past.

The muffs shut out sound above 82 dB and return to full volume the instant the percussion is past. At the range, I could hear empty cases hitting the ground. Background noise like car doors slamming on the next range could be subdued with the volume control and it was not long before I forgot I was wearing the muffs.

The Cadence retails for $64.99 and can often be found on sale. They’ve quickly proven to be worth every dollar.

One Browning Way
Morgan, UT 84050
(801) 876-2711

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